Terms & Conditions

Divine Coffee House operate a physical and digital loyalty card scheme for hot drinks

In the interest of our customers we have decided to publish the terms and conditions of all our schemes for quick access and copies can be found in store if you ask a member of staff.

Hot Drink Stamp Card

  1. The stamp card remains the property of Divine Coffee House at all times and the scheme may be amended/withdrawn at any time.
  2. Cards that have been tampered with will become void and be refused by staff and destroyed.
  3. Cards that are in multiple pieces, are crumpled or are damaged (by going though a washing machine cycle for example) will be refused and destroyed by staff.
  4. You will receive ONE stamp for each hot drink you purchase (unless a particular promotion is on in which it states otherwise).
  5. You cannot claim stamps for drinks purchased by others in your party.
  6. We reserve the right to decline stamps for drinks purchased before you start a new card (we most certainly will not stamp your card for drinks purchased a week prior for example).
  7. Stamps will not be given for purchases via gift card.
  8. Multiple cards can not be combined/merged to make a full card for redeeming.
  9. We reserve the right to amend, refuse, destroy cards at any time.
  10. Manager’s say is final.